Hello, World!

Welcome to a blog about things I find interesting

This web-blog will host many different thing I findd interesting and I like to write about. What I write here is completely my opinion and how I look at certain topics. No political statements can be found here! The image above is made on a reMarkable tablet with my terrible handwriting :).

About this website

blog.svenar.nl is build using Hugo, which is a static website generator. Using a static site generator it stay’s lightweight while I have full control. And with an development environment I can make posts ready before they go live :)

For the front-end of this blog I use an Hugo theme called Blonde Hello Friend. This theme looks imo clean and features light & dark theme (which is dark by default :P)

On a later date i’ll share in a blogpost how I use Hugo to create this site and my workflow (and then i’ll update this message).

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